Introducing the ‘Happy Body’ App + Details on Development


Hello MPP users! We wanted to give you a quick update about the transition of MyPaleoPal to a new food tracking app, which will be called ‘Happy Body’ going forward. As you know from our previous announcement (read more here), due to some unforseen changes in the technology platform that we use as the backbone for our MPP app, we ...

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Saying Goodbye to myPaleoPal – What’s Next


Before we make the big switch, we have some big news! We don’t want to confuse anyone who uses the myPaleoPal app for iOS. First, we absolutely love and value our community, and we want you all to join us for what’s next! Don’t worry – it’s good news. What’s going on The technology provider we have been using for ...

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Paleo Grocery List: Costco Bulk Buys

phonto (63)

If you’re not shopping at Costco, now is the time to start. If you are within an hour of a location, it’s worth the drive to stock up on the good stuff every so often. If you’re not already familiar, Costco is a wholesale grocery store, and they have got the deals. While I hesitated getting a membership myself for ...

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10 Methods for Natural Detox

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When the holiday season finally ends, we shift our focus. It’s all about resolutions, getting back on track, begrudgingly going back to work, and swearing off cookies for at least a month. Whether you’re jumping on board with a challenge at your gym or considering The Happy Body Program, there are countless ways to immerse yourself in a supportive community ...

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15 Healthy Gifts to Give for Christmas

healthy gifts

Let’s get down to it. We all want to be that guy who boasts about being done with the holiday shopping at Thanksgiving dinner, but the reality? Well, we’ve all got a few last minute shopping to do. Whether it’s deciding on that tough-to-buy-for person or plain ol’ procrastination, there are a million excuses. What better way to ring in the ...

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A Holiday Guide to Paleo Christmas Cookies

paleo christmas cookies

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, and I like to attribute that to two things: presents and cookies. Okay, I suppose now that I no longer believe in Santa, spending time with loved ones and giving gifts rather than receiving them take precedence. Regardless, cookies and presents are a nice touch – there’s simply no denying ...

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12 Incredible Paleo Instant Pot Recipes

instant pot recipes

Along with the rest of the world – the paleo community in particular – I have fallen in love. Deeply, madly, unconditionally in love… with my Instant Pot. I was a big proponent of my slow-cooker prior to my new appliance’s arrival for a few reasons, namely the ease of it. I love cooking, sure, but I don’t always want ...

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Starch Secret: The Guide to Paleo Carbs

paleo carbs

One of the most common misconceptions about the paleo diet is that it’s low-carb. It’s just what people think when you reveal to them that you choose not to eat bread. Beyond grains, there is a world of scrumptious starches out there for us to eat. These sources of paleo carbs come from real food products aka vegetables! While all fruits ...

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12 Great Paleo Ground Beef Recipes

paleo ground beef recipes

Grass-fed, pasture-raised, locally sourced beef is the staple protein of the modern day caveman. When you choose to eat “happy cows,” you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Grass-fed meat is higher in omega-3’s and as a result, lower in omega-6’s. You’ll also be getting in CLA’s, beta-carotene, and vitamin E, all of which you don’t quite receive when ...

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Paleo Kids: Breaking Through To Picky Eaters

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Calling all paleo mamas and papas! As you are probably aware, feeding yourself is only half the battle when you have kids. While we’re going ahead and making big changes to our diet, the younger ones are often the toughest crowd to please.  Fortunately, the myPaleoPal community is full of parents working hard to make veggies fun and exciting on ...

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Thanksgiving Recipes: Paleo Stuffing

paleo stuffing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, almost. The holidays are upon us which means family, friends, and FOOD. Scratch that, we’re talking feasts. Maintaining healthy eating habits throughout all of the festivities is tough business for some, but fortunately, we’re hard at work gathering up recipes that are delicious, indulgent, and guilt-free. The bird is the main ...

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Snack Attack: Paleo Beef Jerky Recipes

paleo beef jerky

Snack attack! It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, that peckish feeling comes on everyday. The solution? Well, we all have our favorites. Generally, it’s something along the lines of filling, delicious, and easy. Enter paleo beef jerky. When you’re snagging it off the shelves, it can really add up. A bag of the stuff with no sugar or ...

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Miles’ Story: Paleo Weight Loss Success

paleo weight loss

When Miles first reached out, he had just completed The 7 Day Paleo Reset. You’ve never heard of it? Well, let me fill you in! It’s our free program which focuses on easy food preparation, batch-cooking techniques, and how to build the perfectly balanced plate. It’s the perfect introduction to getting in the kitchen, getting on track, and reaching your paleo ...

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12 Paleo Cake Recipes to Dominate Dessert

paleo cake

Have your cake and eat it, too. Honestly, it sounds too good to be true. Fortunately, even taking on a healthy diet doesn’t mean we have to give it up for good. I mean, who wants to live in a world devoid of cake anyways? There is a whole world of paleo cake recipes out there just asking to be ...

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The Benefits of Paleo Bone Broth

paleo bone broth

Take a few steps into the primal world, and you’re going to stumble upon paleo bone broth sooner rather than later. It’s a staple component of the caveman diet, and there’s quite the laundry list of reasons why. Before I get into the benefits of paleo bone broth, let’s cover basic ground first. So what is bone broth?   If you ...

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