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12 Paleo Cake Recipes to Dominate Dessert

Have your cake and eat it, too. Honestly, it sounds too good to be true. Fortunately, even taking on a healthy diet doesn’t mean we have to give it up for good. I mean, who wants to live in a world devoid of cake anyways? There is a whole world of paleo cake recipes out there just asking to be sliced into and shared (or not) on those special occasions. While a slice of cake everyday may not be appropriate for most people, we all deserve to indulge our innermost cravings from time to time.

Whether you’re prepping for someone special’s birthday party or you just need your chocolate fix like, yesterday, we’ve gathered some seriously stellar paleo cake recipes for you to keep in the books.


Pineapple Spiced Upside Down Cake from The Urban Poser

paleo cake
The secret ingredient? Mayonnaise.

Let’s start things off with this delightfully fruity paleo cake from Jenni at The Urban Poser. She deems this “depression era cake” as people used mayonnaise and vegetable oil to bake with in place of fresh ingredients like eggs and milk. It might sound off-putting to use mayo in a sweet recipe, but it definitely works. Turn things upside down for dessert with this recipe which can be made as a whole cake or in single-serve portions.


Read the full recipe from The Urban Poser here


Gajar ka Halwa Cake (Indian Carrot Cake) from My Heart Beets

paleo cake
A unique and warming dessert.

Carrot cake is a love or hate kinda deal, but this traditional Indian recipe from Ashley at My Heart Beets encompasses the warm spiciness that truly does this slice some justice. The medley of pistachios, cashews, and almond bring out all the nutty goodness in both texture and flavor. Fresh cardamom is the only spice you need to bring this paleo cake to life making this a simple guide to follow. The best part? The carrots and raisins give this enough natural sweetness, so the only additional sugar comes from a couple spoonfuls of honey.


Read the full recipe from My Heart Beets here


Angel Food Birthday Cake from Primal Palate

paleo cake
Or for any occasion, really.

Looking to lighten things up? Angel food cake is a notoriously feathery food, so it won’t weigh you down like your average slice of birthday cake. This is a fantastic alternative to yellow cake for a birthday celebration or any special occasion, really. Finely sifted sugar and egg whites come together to make an ultra fluffy dough that shines through in every slice of your finished product. This paleo cake is just heavenly.


Read the full recipe from Primal Palate here


Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake from Divine Sustenance

paleo cake
Death by chocolate. Mmm.

Going on down the line here, we’ve come to another classic recipe paleo-fied. It’s like the angel food cake’s evil twin, but it’s just as delicious, if not more delicious (I’m talking to you, chocoholics). This paleo cake features three different dimensions of chocolate which lend this glorious slice its complexity and deep color. Use cocoa powder, cacao powder, AND baking chocolate squares for the best results – especially for that thick layer of ganache on top.



Read the full recipe from Divine Sustenance here


Paleo German Chocolate Cake from Grok Grub

paleo cake
More chocolate. This time with coconut.

Fun fact: The German Chocolate Cake originated in Dallas, TX, not Germany. If you’re the kind of person who likes the “mix and match” taste of throwing ALL the things together, German chocolate cake is definitely your slice of pie. In the base, cocoa and coffee come together to form a decadent vessel for all that frosting. The frosting is the shining star with generous amounts of coconut, pecans, and even more chocolate – this time, melted and drizzled. The maple syrup lends that “caramel” flavor to make this recipe as good as its traditional counterpart.



Read the full recipe from Grok Grub here


Grain-Free Apple Spice Coffee Cake from Against All Grain

paleo cake
Breakfast or dessert? You choose.

Gone are the days of breakfast for dessert. Paleo means no more picking up a slice of coffee cake with our flavored latte in the morning, and this is generally a good thing. That doesn’t mean that some days don’t call for a nostalgic treat, though. This apple spice coffee cake has that cozy cafe feel, but it’s a whole lot more nutritious than anything from behind the pastry case. Test this out during the fall months with fresh apples and serve it at brunch. Preferably, hot out of the oven and freshly drizzled with luscious coconut cream glaze. Check out our favorite apple crisp recipes here for similar recipes to warm up with.


For the cake:

For the cinnamon swirl:

For the glaze:

Read the full recipe from Against All Grain here


Raw Paleo Black Forest Cheesecake from Imperfectly Paleo

paleo cake
The prettiest paleo cake there ever was.

Angela at Imperfectly Paleo has a knack for desserts, especially when it comes to sneaking in the veggies and making gorgeous plates of ’em. This raw, paleo cake encompasses all the goodness of cherries and chocolate making it even better because it’s a cheesecake. The creamy filling is comprised of cashews and coconut oil while the cherry coulis topping is sweetened by dates. These raw slices will store and freeze especially well so you can save some for later.




Cherry Coulis:

  • 2 cups (250g) pitted cherries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1/4 cup (40g) unsweetened pitted large soft dates
  • approx 5 tbsp of water plus extra if needed

Read the full recipe from Imperfectly Paleo here

Paleo Rainbow Cake from A Girl Worth Saving

paleo cake
As they say, eat the rainbow.

You know how they say, “Eat the rainbow” when it comes to fruits and veggies. Every color serves its purpose from lycopene in red foods to beta carotene in orange foods. This cake follows the golden rule of optimal health by incorporating five different hues in its succulent layers. Instead of artificial food dyes, it boasts an impressive list of natural ingredients to achieve those colors including strawberries, paprika, spinach, and blueberries. There’s no doubt you’ll impress your guests when you cut the first slice of this paleo cake.


Cake Batter:
Red Layer:
Orange layer:
Green layer:
  • 1 cup packed fresh baby spinach
Blue Layer:

Read the full recipe from A Girl Worth Saving here


Blueberry Cream Crumb Cake from Beauty and the Foodie

paleo cake
Cream AND crumb? Yes, please.

The crumb cake is another cafe staple in addition to the coffee cake, so this paleo cake recipe is best served alongside a piping hot mug of your favorite coffee. The base itself uses a mixture of paleo-friendly flours along with applesauce for that classic dense texture. The cream cheese is a lush cashew butter frosting, and the crumble gets its texture from almonds and coconut. These will be a surefire hit at your next tea party.


Cream Cheese:

Crumble Topping Layer:

Read the full recipe from Beauty and the Foodie here


Paleo Watermelon Cake from Paleo Cupboard

paleo cake
No bake epic-ness.

Some of us just aren’t bakers. No matter how hard we try, our desserts come out lackluster one after the other no matter how diligently we follow those recipes. Behold the paleo cake for you. This one is a mere assembly line of ingredients and there’s no cooking required. This is a fabulous dessert to serve up at summer BBQ’s as it’s essentially a dressed up watermelon. Smother it in coconut cream and top with sliced nuts and fresh fruit. Even the novice cook couldn’t mess this one up.


Read the full recipe from Paleo Cupboard here

Paleo Pumpkin Maple Cake from A Healthy Life For Me

paleo cake
We couldn’t leave out pumpkin.

The time of year in which pumpkin spice EVERYTHING dominates our worlds is inevitable, so you should be armed with a paleo cake recipe to indulge the obsession. This brilliant slice features a chocolate icing all around, on top, and in between the layers so it feeds the need for all things good about dessert in this world. Maple syrup and an aromatic spice blend complement the pumpkin flavor to make this the ultimate autumnal treat. This dish would be very much appreciated at any Thanksgiving feast, so get to baking!



Read the full recipe at A Healthy Life For Me here


Holiday Bundt Cake from Paleo Parents

paleo cake
The perfect Christmas cake.

Need that Christmas classic recipe that will do your grandma’s bundt cake justice? That’s exactly what Stacy at Paleo Parents was going for with this one, and her rendition was a success. This paleo cake recipe aims to replicate the perfect texture; chewy and moist on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside. Ditch the fruitcake for this crowd-pleaser complete with a delectable white chocolate drizzle. Don’t forget to leave a piece out for Santa.


Read the full recipe from Paleo Parents here


From celebrating summer in style with a sweet treat to brunch hour delicacies, I think we’ve covered a lot of ground with this paleo cake extravaganza. What’s your favorite type of cake? All it takes is a little creativity and maybe a little tact in the kitchen to turn those classic recipes into healthier versions that everyone can celebrate with.

When it comes to paleo treats, it’s important to remember that like with anything, balance is essential! Read up on 8 Commonly Overlooked Healthy Lifestyle Tips to find your balance.

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