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8 Ways To Supplement Your Paleo Smoothie

The smoothie is a staple for so many people, especially in the mornings. With the blender, your options are truly limitless. From green smoothies to a protein punch, we all have that glass of goodness that gives us just what we need with no cooking required.

You may have your standby recipes for a tasty liquid breakfast, but there’s always a way to improve upon it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best superfoods to supplement your paleo smoothie. If you’re opting for a shake in the A.M., chances are you want an easy way to fuel up in a pinch. Whether you’re looking for better energy, a serious nutrient boost, or a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s something in this round-up for you.

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superfoods for smoothies
Maca has a rich, “malted” flavor that can be quite versatile.

1. Maca root powder

Maca powder is a versatile supplement that is best added to cold dishes like smoothies because high temperatures can negate any benefits from consumption. Blend away! Like with most dietary supplements, it’s best to start off small. You can begin with 1/2 tsp. servings moving your way up to 1 tbsp. per day.

It boasts a high vitamin and mineral content including vitamins A, C, and E in addition to calcium, zinc, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium. In fact, 1 oz. of maca powder provides you with 133% of your daily vitamin-C.

This superfood can be especially useful for women. It can relieve menstrual pains, increase mood, and help ease menopausal symptoms. It’s also good for a quick energy boost – consider using maca in your morning smoothie instead of sipping on a cup of coffee.

Recipe: Blueberry Maca Smoothie from Down to Earth

superfoods for smoothies
Lucuma can be used as a natural sweetener.

2. Lucuma powder

If you are looking for an alternative to sweetener with a few added benefits, lucuma might be the solution! This powder possesses a caramel-esque flavor that can be a fantastic addition to your smoothie, especially if you’re a fan of pumpkin or squash in your morning mix.

In comparison to even natural sweetener like honey, lucuma won’t affect blood sugar. Lucuma has an impressive profile with 14 different essential trace elements. It’s an anti-inflammatory food which is great for healing purposes.

Lastly, it’s a good source of healthy carbohydrates! Two teaspoons – the recommended serving – has 4 grams of carbs for a healthy little boost pre or post workout.

Recipe: Mango Lucuma Smoothie from Kitchen to Nirvana

superfoods for smoothies
Raw cacao is one of the healthiest ways to get your chocolate fix.

3. Raw cacao

If you’re missing your chocolate ice cream, consider whizzing in some raw cacao powder to your smoothie. It’s no secret that chocolate has disease-fighting properties antioxidants these days, and we know that the darker, the better.

Raw cacao is entirely pure and unprocessed which means the good stuff is even better. Cacao is the richest whole food source of magnesium which many individuals are (unknowingly) deficient in and can promote good sleep and relaxation.

With a little natural sweetener or fruit like banana, this can take your frozen breakfast treat to decadent new levels.

Recipe: Cacao, Banana, and Avocado Smoothie from Deliciously Ella

superfoods for smoothies
This algae doesn’t lend much in the way of taste, but it is nutritious!

4. Spirulina

Having trouble packing in the greens with kale and spinach in your morning smoothie? A small dose of spirulina packs a chlorophyll punch which aids in natural detox and boosting the immune system.

It’s mostly comprised of protein and iron, so using this supplement is especially useful for recovering from surgery and women who are pregnant. Beware, though! If you are following the autoimmune protocol, avoid spirulina as it can stimulate the immune system. Otherwise, blend away and get in your daily calcium, omega-3’s, and phosphorous in one green gulp!

Recipe: Green Spirulina Smoothie from Deliciously Ella

superfoods for smoothies
Make a healthy, tropical acai bowl with this superfood powder.

5. Acai berry

Since we’re probably not going to opt for red wine in our smoothies, acai is a suitable replacement to get the same antioxidants that you’d find in a glass of cabernet – all without the hangover!

You can look forward to benefits like lowered cholesterol, cancer-fighting properties from the powerful vitamin C and ellagic acid duo, and better blood circulation.

You can find acai in the freezer section in pouches or in powder form, both of which are ideal for the blender. Serve in a bowl with lots of toppings for the best results!

Recipe: Paleo Acai Bowl by The Clean Plate

superfoods for smoothies
Collagen is similar to gelatin, but it doesn’t gel or solidify.

6. Collagen

If you want to sip on something for glowing skin, this is the superfood for you!

Collagen is one of the building blocks of healthy, vibrant skin so there’s no better way to feed it than with more of it. A scoop of this everyday will give you cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of skin tissues all over.

In addition to strong skin, collagen will help maintain healthy joints, nails, and hair. Consider it the ultimate supplement for strength and beauty. If you suffer from arthritis, consider making this a breakfast staple.

Recipe: Collagen-Berry Green Smoothie from Autoimmune Paleo

superfoods for smoothies
This superfood can help to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

7. Bee pollen

Like maca, you should start out with bee pollen slow. Begin with a teaspoon at a time and work your way up.

The nutritional punch in bee pollen is mostly in its enzyme content which many modern diets are seriously lacking. It’s fantastic for digestion, so consider supplementing with this if you’re seeking a natural way to “detox” after a long weekend of indulgence or travel. These little granules also contain all 22 essential amino acids, and fall under the category of complete plant protein; it comes in at a whopping 25-30% protein!

The taste is easily masked, but it’s pleasantly floral and aromatic, so you might even grow fond of it.

Recipe: Bee Pollen Smoothie from My New Roots

superfoods for smoothies
What isn’t coconut oil good for? It’s a great way to add fat into the smoothie.

8. Coconut oil

Does this superfood even need an introduction? It can be used in every which way from cooking at high temperatures to skin treatments. Many morning smoothie rituals are seriously lacking one thing: fat!

Protein can easily be supplemented with a compliant paleo powder, but fat is more often overlooked. A tablespoon of coconut oil will turn your frosty indulgence into a real meal that won’t leave you hungry in a couple hours.

Smoothies often contain a lot of fruit, so it’s good to balance that out with fat for blood sugar control. This is a big bonus if you enjoy the taste of coconut!

Recipe: Avocado, Lime, and Coconut Smoothie from Jessi’s Kitchen




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