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10 Tasty Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

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While we put all of that effort into the main dish, sometimes all we’re missing in the end is a little bit of flavor. Eating real food opens a world of opportunity in the kitchen, but it also slims down our grocery store options. This is especially true of bottled dressings, dips, and sauces. While perusing the labels of the ...

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The Guide to Paleo Flour Alternatives


One quick search for paleo recipes will likely yield some sweet results. Cookies, cakes, and pancakes are featured on myPaleoPal daily. While the paleolithic era cavemen probably weren’t your modern-day Betty Crockers, we’ve evolved a lot since then; let’s embrace it. We also have this wonderful little thing called the Internet which has provided us with the resources we need ...

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Three Easy Gelatin Recipes

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Maybe you read up on our article on the 5 Health Benefits of Gelatin and you’re ready to start adding it into the daily routine. While you can blend it into your drinks or whizz it up with your morning smoothie, you can also turn it into gummy candies. All you need are a few simple ingredients and candy molds to get started. The flavor ...

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8 Ways To Supplement Your Paleo Smoothie

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The smoothie is a staple for so many people, especially in the mornings. With the blender, your options are truly limitless. From green smoothies to a protein punch, we all have that glass of goodness that gives us just what we need with no cooking required. You may have your standby recipes for a tasty liquid breakfast, but there’s always ...

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How to Make Paleo Coleslaw

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    So, you need that perfect barbecue side dish for the summer season. Maybe you just need to put to use that batch of homemade mayonnaise you just whipped up. Who am I kidding? If you’re making your own mayo, you’re probably finding plenty of good uses for it. Still, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a bowl of ...

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How to Make Paleo Mayo

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  You know you’re paleo when mayo is considered a health food. Yup, we’re changing up the salad game by adding more fat. What’s new? The fun thing about concoctions like this is reworking a store-bought classic filled with vegetable oils and junk and turning it into a whole food recipe. It’s a measure of success. Gone are the days when ...

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How To Make Your Own Kimchi

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So, kimchi. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don’t. If you’ve frequented Korean restaurants, you’re probably accustomed to its distinctive taste. In certain Asian cultures, this cultured food is a meal staple. Fortunately for the rest of the world, fermented cabbage is getting its fifteen minutes of fame. Of course, you can buy these goods already made if ...

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10 Tastiest Paleo Stuffed Peppers Recipes

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Mmm, what’s that smell? Paleo stuffed peppers? There is something about this dish that is so comfy and cozy like comfort food, yet it’s so easy to make healthy. They’re also fully customizable. I mean, why set limits with what you put inside of the pepper? It serves as a sturdy vessel for any kind of craving you’ve got brewing. We’ve got ...

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10 Refreshing Paleo Smoothie Recipes

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As the sun slowly but surely starts to linger around longer into the evening, we follow suit. The food on our table shifts with the change of the seasons, welcoming the recent harvest of seasonal produce and experimenting with new recipes. We will certainly be spending less time slaving over our hot stoves in favor of staying cool and savoring the ...

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Top 10 Delectable Paleo Apple Crisp Recipes

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How often do you aspire to bake something a tad bit sweet, but still healthy, only to be disappointed by the effort and ingredients you have to put in? The sweet tooth simply isn’t as easy to address when you’ve gone paleo since there’s nothing readily available at your fingertips – for most of us anyway. Even if you are ready to ...

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