Paleo Grocery List: Costco Bulk Buys

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If you’re not shopping at Costco, now is the time to start. If you are within an hour of a location, it’s worth the drive to stock up on the good stuff every so often. If you’re not already familiar, Costco is a wholesale grocery store, and they have got the deals. While I hesitated getting a membership myself for ...

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15 Healthy Gifts to Give for Christmas

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Let’s get down to it. We all want to be that guy who boasts about being done with the holiday shopping at Thanksgiving dinner, but the reality? Well, we’ve all got a few last minute shopping to do. Whether it’s deciding on that tough-to-buy-for person or plain ol’ procrastination, there are a million excuses. What better way to ring in the ...

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The Best Paleo Protein Powder Options

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Protein is the macronutrient that can do no harm. We talk it up and pair it with healthy fat to do it justice while we shun carbohydrates without much reason. The truth is that you need a little bit of everything to keep operations running smoothly. The body’s need for protein is a highly convoluted discussion topic which leads us ...

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The Modern Caveman’s Best Kitchen Gadgets

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While our diets may be modeled after our ancestors’ diets, our kitchens have fortunately evolved since the stone age. For one, we’ve got more than flint and steel to start a fire. Even better, we have electricity! This means we can plug in all of those handy gadgets when it’s time to put those chef skills to the test. It’s ...

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The Guide to Paleo Flour Alternatives


One quick search for paleo recipes will likely yield some sweet results. Cookies, cakes, and pancakes are featured on myPaleoPal daily. While the paleolithic era cavemen probably weren’t your modern-day Betty Crockers, we’ve evolved a lot since then; let’s embrace it. We also have this wonderful little thing called the Internet which has provided us with the resources we need ...

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Save At Your Favorite Paleo Online Food Stores

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Well, well. The secret’s out! Let me introduce to your our newest project, This website is the only resource you’ll ever need to save at all your favorite online food stores for paleo products from grass-fed meats to jerky. One of the most common complaints of a real food diet is that it costs me than packaged foods. This ...

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The Ultimate Paleo Protein Bar Review

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All right, folks. I did the dirty work for you. You have officially been let off the hook for not having to eat ALL THE PROTEIN BARS. I mean, unless you want to. As far as a task goes, my taste test wasn’t what you would consider daunting. It was more like a good excuse to eat tasty things whilst ...

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ThriveMarket Review: Cheaper Paleo Food Delivery!

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Have you heard about ThriveMarket yet? They’re pretty new and their site is only just launching. It’s a simple concept: you pay a yearly fee of $59.95 and you get access to your favorite paleo-friendly products at wholesale prices. It gets better, though! For every membership, Thrive sponsors a low-income family to help them have access to better quality food. If you aren’t ...

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