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How to Store Avocados Without Browning

The avocado is one of the most delicious, nutrient rich and satisfying vegetable on earth. But don’t you just hate it when the other half gets brown before you can use it? As a matter of fact, there’s nothing dangerous about the brown — it’s safe to eat, but it’s just less appetising. In this video, find out how to prevent your beloved avocados from turning brown.


  • The first trick to keeping your avocados nice and green is to reserve the half with the pit in it.
  • If you mash up avocado for guacamole, place the pit in the middle of the container to store.
  • A plastic container will work well to keep the avocado from browning because it will prevent air from reaching it.
  • An airtight plastic bag will work to an extent. Make sure you squeeze or suck out all of the air prior to storage. The avocado may become slightly slimy.
  • Olive oil brushed on the preserved half will prevent most browning. It will add a lot of oil or fat to guacamole, so it’s probably not the best bet in that regard.
  • Citrus juice from a lemon or lime inhibits oxidation. You will be able to store the fruit with very little browning. It will add flavor to the avocado, though, which may or may not be desirable.
  • Onion chopped into large chunks placed in a plastic container or on top of guacamole is the best way to preserve the avocado. This is my preferred method. It also will not effect flavor.

There ya have it! Some simple kitchen hacks for when you want to store avocados and still have them look brand new up to 72 hours later.


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