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Miles’ Story: Paleo Weight Loss Success

When Miles first reached out, he had just completed The 7 Day Paleo Reset. You’ve never heard of it? Well, let me fill you in! It’s our free program which focuses on easy food preparation, batch-cooking techniques, and how to build the perfectly balanced plate. It’s the perfect introduction to getting in the kitchen, getting on track, and reaching your paleo weight loss potential. It’s also a great way to boot up for our month-long program, The 30 Day KickStart. This is exactly what Miles did. It’s no piece of cake (literally), but it’s not brain surgery either. As Miles explains, we’ve designed our program and our app to help people make transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and achieving paleo weight loss easy.

“I’ve wanted to try paleo for a long time, and the myPaleoPal app finally got me started. It combined elements of MyFitnessPal with elements of Instagram to make my first week super easy. I completed the 7 Day Paleo Reset, and [I] am almost done with my second week of paleo cooking on my own, repeating some meals, and improvising new ones.”


paleo weight loss
myPaleoPal user and KickStart member Miles.


Beyond the struggles we all face in everyday life, and the most common components of our day-to-day that make eating better difficult, Miles is in a unique situation. He explains, “One of the most challenging things for me diet-wise/paleo-wise is to stay consistent while constantly traveling. Sometimes I’ll be in a city for a month, sometimes a week. Sometimes I have a kitchen, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes there are healthy options nearby, sometimes there are not.”
Most of us are accustomed to the notion of “creating our own convenience” and planning ahead, but most of us aren’t in a state of constant travel. Regardless, we ALL face a battle that makes being consistent hard sometimes. When your schedule is just plain unpredictable, your job requires you to travel extensively, or eating out is commonplace (check out our guide to some popular restaurant menus), the struggle gets REAL! That doesn’t mean being prepared, seeing results, and paleo weight loss are impossible, it just takes a little extra dedication on your part. The first step? Take action!
Solution to being on the go? Chipotle and kombucha of course.
Solution to being on the go? Chipotle and kombucha of course.

“I really liked the Paleo Reset because it gave me purpose each day and kept me accountable.”


Both the 7 Day Paleo Reset and The 30 Day KickStart are here to keep you accountable. The premise works for every individual. This plan is not one-size-fits-all. We cater to every health background, lifestyle, and paleo weight loss goal. Accountability doesn’t discriminate – we could all use a little more of it. Finally, this isn’t just about losing weight. Many group members have a variety of lifestyle changes they hope to address with diet, and Miles did too. He explains, “I definitely turned to paleo for all of the health benefits it offers, but I would be lying if I didn’t have aesthetic motivators as well. I am sleeping better, have more energy, and [I] am not hitting a wall as much in my workouts or when I perform.”


paleo weight loss
Miles is fueling up to kick butt in the box on the regular.


Throughout our month-long journey together, we focus on both individual goals and collective challenges. While paleo weight loss and results begin with what goes on our plates, it doesn’t end there. We place a huge emphasis on sleep, stress, and exercise which are all vital aspects of living optimally. Eating better simply makes these secondary goals more manageable.


“When I started paleo, I was skeptical to say the least. I had tried many other diet/lifestyle changes, and I usually didn’t get anywhere close to my goals. And even if I did, the method was usually abandoned within weeks as I regressed back to the standard American diet. However, the promises of paleo were enough to make me give it go. I had a few friends who were going to try it with me, but they bailed within days. How was I going to stick to this new way of eating? Then I found myPaleoPal. Having recorded calories before, I was already familiar with the idea of tracking food, but I immediately loved how the app had me take pictures instead of entering every little micronutrient. My love of photography mixed with the motivation found in tracking combined in an easy and effective way to push me further than I had ever gone.”


Does this sound familiar? If you’ve reached the point of paleo, chances are you’ve tried plenty of other diets before it. Whether or not you were managing to reach your goals then, something along the way went wrong and you ended up here. Welcome! Think of it as a learning experience and an opportunity for something better rather than a failure. The power of eating real food goes beyond paleo weight loss, it comes down to a truly sustainable lifestyle.


paleo weight loss
Miles knows how to make packing in the nutrients portable and convenient.


The 30 Day KickStart helps people to reach their paleo weight loss goals with the meal plan, the shopping list, and our batch-cooking tutorials, but the real kicker? Community. Miles mentions his lack of support from the people around him as they would drop out of the “challenge” within days of beginning. For us, 30 days is just the beginning. Embarking on this mission of accountability is just what we say it is – a kickstart. This “diet” is a permanent lifestyle change and paleo weight loss is a direct result of that consistency built on the foundation of good habits.


The best news of all? The myPaleoPal app in and of itself is built for daily use. You don’t have to log calories everyday to see results and achieve your paleo weight loss goals. Nope. We just want you to take pictures, and they don’t even have to be pretty.


paleo weight loss
When Miles gets the chance to cook at home, his work is quite impressive.


Now, moving onto the good stuff. Miles’ story and undeniable results aren’t unusual. We see huge victories and results in the 30 Day KickStart groups every month with paleo weight loss, better sleep, new exercise routines, and improved cooking skills.


After 2 months of paleo, kept on track by both the 7 Day Paleo Reset and the 30 Day Kickstart programs the app offers, here are my results:

– I have dropped 10 pounds and 3% body fat
– My sleep patterns are more reliable and regular
– I have started meditating and doing more yoga, in addition to functional training like Crossfit
– I have many new recipes in my arsenal and cook exponentially more throughout the week
– I spend most of my time in the produce section at the grocery store
– My immune system is much stronger (I was getting sick a lot before paleo)
– I feel happier and healthier than I have in over a year
“I could not have done this without myPaleoPal. I don’t look at paleo as a fad diet, but rather a new way of living.



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