Introducing the ‘Happy Body’ App + Details on Development

Hello MPP users!

We wanted to give you a quick update about the transition of MyPaleoPal to a new food tracking app, which will be called ‘Happy Body’ going forward.

As you know from our previous announcement (read more here), due to some unforseen changes in the technology platform that we use as the backbone for our MPP app, we were forced to redevelop our app pretty much from the ground up.

As a result, our developer-in-chief Adrien spent many hours researching the best solutions and technologies to rebuild the app. As a team, we took this as an opportunity to improve the app and come up with new features that would benefit our growing community.

The technology that supports our current MPP app is ceasing to exist at the end of January, so we had a tight deadline to launch the new app before then. Earlier this week, we quietly released the very first version of our new app, ‘Happy Body,’ on the iOS app store.  Some of you might have already seen and downloaded it.

We are super excited to launch the new app BUT we must be transparent and honest with you guys: it’s not quite there yet.  

Right now, you are able to create your new account and to start logging your food, see what others are posting, and to like and comment on posts.

This week, we are working on adding notifications and the journal features back in the app.  Then, it’s a long list of all the fun and exciting features – old and new – that we can only release gradually.

Every time we make an update to the app, we have to resubmit it to the app store, and this can only be done every second week. That means we can’t release new features as frequently as we would like.

We do promise that all you favourite features and some news ones will be arriving within the ‘Happy Body’ app over the next few months.

As we mentioned in the previous update, it is extremely complicated and time-consuming to migrate everyone’s existing posts, streaks and badges, so unless you really want to keep your journal and streak, we would appreciate it if you begin fresh. If your streak means a lot to you – and we understand why! – please email us at team@mypaleopal.com, and we will do our best to get your data migrated to the new app in due time.

We will send you updates about the latest app releases and when the current app is no longer usable. We will also be releasing some fresh app tutorials, mostly for our new users. Our existing app users should find their way around pretty easily.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding. We hope to see your gorgeous faces and tasty photos in our new app – ‘Happy Body.’

If you have any questions about the new app, please shoot us an email


The MPP and HBF Teams (Adrien, Alex, Bel, Irena & Seb)



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