Top 10 Most Irresistible Paleo Pizza Crust Recipes

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Ah, the cauliflower boom of 2014. The cruciferous veggie really opened the doors for recipe experimentation. What was once a grain could now be replaced by cauliflower – low-carbers and paleo-dieters, rejoice! The most popular recipe to be born of the cauliflower craze is pizza crust. Time and time again, I’ve attempted the recipes, but I always get a soggy crust ...

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Testimonial: Curt Fights Cancer With the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

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  Hi, my name is Curt Kittelson and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My life changed dramatically on May 5, 2011 at 2 p.m when the urology doctor looked me in the eye and said you have prostate cancer and we need to remove your prostate ASAP! Early June a robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy was performed. Done deal! A couple weeks ...

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The Best Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes

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We still have a few more (hopefully short) weeks of winter left, which means it’s still soup-making season. Break out your biggest pot, dutch oven, slow cooker, or all three and get to cooking. These are some of the best Paleo chicken soup recipes from around the web. It’s a great time to batch-cook and freeze a few of these ...

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Feb new features survey: full results and analysis

We have to admit: we love surveys! We’ve run a few already and they’ve always been eye-opening. This February edition is no exception. About 80 of you kindly shared your opinion. We love surveys because they remind us that we all have different views and that our ideas are not always shared by everyone. More on this at the bottom of this article.   For ...

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myPaleoPal featured on Startup Dope – The Story

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Our app has been featured in Startup Dope, a tech blog focussed on new startups! Ever wondered who the team is? Where the idea came from? Where we see the app going in the coming months? It’s all in this article:

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