Saying Goodbye to myPaleoPal – What’s Next

Before we make the big switch, we have some big news! We don’t want to confuse anyone who uses the myPaleoPal app for iOS. First, we absolutely love and value our community, and we want you all to join us for what’s next! Don’t worry – it’s good news.

What’s going on


The technology provider we have been using for myPaleoPal – a company owned by Facebook called “Parse” – has announced it has decided to stop servicing its customers, and they will be shutting down.

This was a terrible blow for the entire team here at myPaleoPal, because it meant that two years of effort and growing our community would be thrown away. The only solution to continuing the adventure was to develop the app again in a completely new programming language. Sounds fun, right? Basically, we had to start from scratch.

Needless to say, that’s what Adrien has been hard at work doing over the past six months! This is also why there haven’t been many new features bubbling up on the myPaleoPal app recently. Adrien has been working on new developments behind the scenes so we can keep up the momentum and continue to build.

Because we also spend a lot of our time developing the Happy Body Formula project, we thought it was the right time to bring both projects closer and merge. The new app will be called Happy Body.

What will the new app look like?

The app will have a similar foundation to myPaleoPal. Users will share pictures of meals and healthy lifestyles to stay accountable and connect with like-minded people. To fully embrace the circumstances, we wanted to take this opportunity to go much further. With time, the new Happy Body app will allow you to join all of the free and premium programs offered by Happy Body Formula such as the 7-Day Eat Better Challenge, the 7-Day Sleep Better Challenge and of course, the 9-week Happy Body Formula program. The app will also help you track your sleep, exercise and nutrition all in one place.

We are super excited!


One major difference it that we will be doing away with the crowdsourced “approval system.” This is something that many people didn’t really love, because it felt a bit too “big brother-ish.” Ultimately, we decided to scrap it.

What this means for you

What this means is that come mid-January, the myPaleoPal app will seize to function. We wish it didn’t have to happen this way, but sadly, this is out of our control. Around the same time, we will release the new Happy Body app. At first, the new app won’t have as many features. Don’t worry – that will change with time!

Sadly, it is very difficult for us to transport your posts and data over from one technology platform to another. Thus, it is unlikely they will be transferred. If you have a day streak you are proud of and you would like to keep it, please email Seb at, and we will manually update your streak on the new app.

We are very sorry we have come to this, but we hope you understand the problem is beyond our control, so we’ve taken the steps we think are best to preserve our community and our mission. We sincerely hope you will continue your journey to better health with us on the new Happy Body app.

Stay tuned for details on the release. We hope to see some familiar faces!



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