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Kitchen Tips for Productive Cooking

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No matter just how you cook, you could always afford to be more productive in the kitchen. Efficiency while cooking is valuable to the average busy bee and the meal prepper alike. Really, improving skills is a useful endeavor to any home chef since a paleo diet requires a whole lot of starting from scratch. Unfortunately, tact and grace while playing chef take ...

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8 Commonly Overlooked Healthy Lifestyle Tips


The food on your plate is essentially the beginning of a long journey toward health. From the cold, hard facts to the media’s focus on diet, we know that our nutrition choices make a huge impact. For many, following a paleo diet opens the door to a world of change beyond that. In our 30 Day KickStart groups, we really ...

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8 Apps For Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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You know what’s pretty hard to do? Making healthy lifestyle changes. It begins with diet and exercise, but it doesn’t end there. So much goes into living our best lives, but it’s hard to get motivated and find the tools that will genuinely help us. You know what’s not so hard to do? Use your smartphone. Who knows, you may even ...

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Three Easy Gelatin Recipes

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Maybe you read up on our article on the 5 Health Benefits of Gelatin and you’re ready to start adding it into the daily routine. While you can blend it into your drinks or whizz it up with your morning smoothie, you can also turn it into gummy candies. All you need are a few simple ingredients and candy molds to get started. The flavor ...

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5 Health Benefits of Gelatin

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Here’s a superfood that’s worth the buzz: gelatin! Yep, it’s the secret ingredient in the rainbow of artificially flavored Jell-O products at the supermarket. It lends its texture to liquid which solidifies when it’s cooled. This simple culinary component has potential far beyond the kids’ lunch boxes or grandma’s oddly shaped, fruit-filled molds. When you take out all of the preconceived ...

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12 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

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The results are in! We asked the panel, and they delivered. Whether or not you are new or old to the autoimmune protocol, you probably know one thing: there is always more to learn. Fortunately, there are some incredible resources out there including, of course, The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne. Still, putting all of that into practice can be an overwhelming ...

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Keys to Success – The #1 Mistake People Make

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So, you want to get healthy. It’s hard to wade through all of the advice out there. Besides, if you look long enough for the keys to success, a few things happen: 1. There is a HUGE amount of information. Google anything from “best diet” to “what is Paleo?” and you will be bombarded. Unless you are a robot, it’s ...

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10 Refreshing Paleo Smoothie Recipes

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As the sun slowly but surely starts to linger around longer into the evening, we follow suit. The food on our table shifts with the change of the seasons, welcoming the recent harvest of seasonal produce and experimenting with new recipes. We will certainly be spending less time slaving over our hot stoves in favor of staying cool and savoring the ...

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The Ultimate Paleo Protein Bar Review

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All right, folks. I did the dirty work for you. You have officially been let off the hook for not having to eat ALL THE PROTEIN BARS. I mean, unless you want to. As far as a task goes, my taste test wasn’t what you would consider daunting. It was more like a good excuse to eat tasty things whilst ...

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ThriveMarket Review: Cheaper Paleo Food Delivery!

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Have you heard about ThriveMarket yet? They’re pretty new and their site is only just launching. It’s a simple concept: you pay a yearly fee of $59.95 and you get access to your favorite paleo-friendly products at wholesale prices. It gets better, though! For every membership, Thrive sponsors a low-income family to help them have access to better quality food. If you aren’t ...

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