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Top 10 Delectable Paleo Apple Crisp Recipes

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How often do you aspire to bake something a tad bit sweet, but still healthy, only to be disappointed by the effort and ingredients you have to put in? The sweet tooth simply isn’t as easy to address when you’ve gone paleo since there’s nothing readily available at your fingertips – for most of us anyway. Even if you are ready to ...

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ThriveMarket Review: Cheaper Paleo Food Delivery!

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Have you heard about ThriveMarket yet? They’re pretty new and their site is only just launching. It’s a simple concept: you pay a yearly fee of $59.95 and you get access to your favorite paleo-friendly products at wholesale prices. It gets better, though! For every membership, Thrive sponsors a low-income family to help them have access to better quality food. If you aren’t ...

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The Best Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes

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We still have a few more (hopefully short) weeks of winter left, which means it’s still soup-making season. Break out your biggest pot, dutch oven, slow cooker, or all three and get to cooking. These are some of the best Paleo chicken soup recipes from around the web. It’s a great time to batch-cook and freeze a few of these ...

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