Meet Our Team


Adrien – the guy who single-handedly coded the app and spends his time improving it. He plays thesaxophone, loves jazz, comes from Paris (France) and now lives in London (UK).



Alex – you’ll be hearing a lot about her! Alex changes hair color every other week, loves real food, thrift shopping, vinyl, kettlebells and dogs. She coaches our 30 Day KickStart program, films Paleo cooking videos, and takes care of marketing and community management things. Alex lives in Pittsburgh.



Seb (me!) – in charge of everything else not covered above. I discovered Paleo in December 2013, was blown away by its power, and imagined myPaleoPal a few months later. I love to geek out on nutrition, travel the world, and work from random cafés. I’m also from Paris and now live in London.


  1. Kristen-Jackson Hubert

    Is there a way one specific person can approve your meals instead of the community approving them? I would like my CrossFit coach to be able to view my meals and approve them.

  2. This is not a possibility as of yet, but we’ll be adding in the option of having teams in the future where this may be likely.

  3. i love this app but I feel like the community doesn’t understand what foods are paleo and people post things that are clearly not and are getting approved.

  4. I think it’s easy for “voters” to gloss over and approve meals without taking into account what they are, but I believe a lot of it gets cleared up pretty quickly.

  5. Are you going to make an app for Droid phones soon? Please let m know. Thanks.

  6. We hope so, but there is no particular date set. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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